Journal13 Nov 2012

Our first Ridgeback family

Our first Ridgeback, Haibas Quisicosa (Roxanne) came to us in 1985. She was an extraordinary dog, with many "typical" Ridgeback characteristics, but also great openness and interest in people, loved by all. A perfect "nanny" for our children. One day I will write a book about her ...

Roxanne got, after a few years, the company of Haibas Royal Simba (Simba) a soft and friendly bitch, who had the patience of an angel with the children's exploration of the dog's ears, etc. ....

Haibas Pea (Aslan) became our oldest daughter's "own" dog. Unlike our previous two RR, Aslan was incredibly lively as a puppy/youngster and showed an early strong guarding instinct. So it was rather a family project to follow Aslan to adulthood. Then she was cuddly, always keen on the bus and woke us every morning literally with a radiant smile.

Haibas D'juma (D'juma) our second daughter's "own" dog was spirited, loved running, jumping, and playing with Aslan. A happy dog. D'juma had a litter 2007 (father Corleo's Chirac) and was a great mom. She followed us to Småland with her son, Benjamin - now Torasbos Benjamin.

Journal14 Mar 2013

Our current RR family

Torasbos Benjamin, born in 2007. Benjamin is neutered male - dermoid sinus discovered, despite repeated inquiries by experienced veterinary first at 3 months of age. He was successfully operated on and is a rock of our family. A cool master. Together, we have tried on the person track, rally obedience, obedience with moderate enthusiasm (from Benjamin's side), but now we know what he's passionate about - tracking!

In 2011 Ridgebow's Unni of Wasco, Unathi - "God is with us" in the Ndebele dialect, came into our lives. She stepped out of our car, put her nose to the ground and she has continued in that way. We have taken the usual puppy courses and more advanced courses in obedience, and we are ready for "apell" class. But the tracking, Unathi started directly in an advanced tracking course and loved it from start to finish. The she started gametracking and after some training - mostly to teach "lady" to slow down and not rush past the returns. She has passed the aptitude test and won two 1st prizes in open class, on her wasy to the championship. She is an ever enthusiastic and playful dog. Unathi's gunshot proof. She has received "Excellent" in the international dogshow in Växjö (Småland-Ölands kennel club in 2013.

Journal14 Mar 2013


Ici var i Röstånga på sin första utställning i regi av SRRS Södra. Till vår glädje blev hon BIR i valpklassen.